13th Meeting of the Stakeholder Group for the cross-border region of “Drina-Tara”, 28 September 2016, City Development Centre in Uzice, Serbia

The regular meeting of the Stakeholder group for the cross-border region of “Drina-Tara” was held on 28th September at the City Development Centre in Uzice, Serbia. The meeting was opened and welcomed by Mr. Nemanja Nesic, Deputy Mayor of the City of Uzice. He stated that individually we, as a touristic area, are small and stressed the importance of networking. As well he stated that the SWG programme is a good base and model for cross-border cooperation where boundaries don’t exist.

Conclusions from the meeting:

  • Within the ABDA 4, from total of 15 applications 10 events were selected for support (7 implemented); within the LEIWW programme additionally 4 events were supported;
  • It is recommended to ensure visibility of received support from the donor (to respect the reporting procedure);
  • In the pilot environmental actions within the framework of “Earth Day” in the cross border region of “Drina-Tara” participated 700 volunteers on 29 locations in 13 municipalities; 90 000 kg of mixed solid waste was collected; purchased communal equipment in 5 municipalities; Developed promotional movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvAUlskXze8
  • Official results from the ABDA Grant scheme are expected at the beginning of October;
  • Till Monday, 3rd October, to be delegated one representative of stakeholder from Serbia, B&H and Montenegro to participate at the forthcoming Agricultural policy forum in Tirana.

This activity is part of the EU funded project: ”Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration” implemented by SWG.


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