“5th International festival of plum fruit brandy and honey”, 1 – 2 September 2016 in Ugljevik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe, within the European Union funded project “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration”, supported the organization of the regional manifestation “5th International festival of plum fruit brandy and honey” which was organized by the Agency for development of small and medium enterprises of the municipality of Ugljevik in the period 01th – 02th September, 2016.

This year, the 5th International festival of plum fruit brandy and honey was organized in early September as a two-day manifestation and gathered over 60 exhibitors which promoted natural, cultural and traditional values of the region, as well as the famous fruit growing area and cross-border region Drina-Sava. The main focus was on the round table sessions that provided opportunity for improving of the knowledge of fruit brandy producers. Through the participation at the festival, the participants had the opportunity to establish new sales channels, share past experiences between producers, processors and trainers, which will result in expansion of the production processes. Around 90 samples of brandies were evaluated from the producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

Both, the programming documents of ABDA in the Western Balkan countries, as well as the Programme for economic development of the “Drina-Sava” cross-border region, identifies the sector tourism and agriculture as one of the strategic priorities for development of the “Drina-Sava” cross-border region.


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