Raspberry days, 13 – 14 August, 2018, Bratunac, B&H

In the Municipality of Bratunac raspberry production is carried out on plantations covering 300 ha and represents the largest producer of this berry fruit in B&H with annual production of around 3,000 tons. In order to promote raspberry production, to connect producers with customers, processors and suppliers this year was organized 12th International fair of agriculture, food industry and tourism “Raspberry days” in Bratunac. 50 exhibitors from B&H and Serbia presented their agricultural products and handicrafts. In the scope of the event women association “Priroda” in partnership with Women association “Maja” gather women from rural areas from B&H and Serbia to promote their products, and through workshop increase their knowledge and skills how to use market opportunities.
During the fair was organized lecture to increase the knowledge in social entrepreneurship and co-operatives as the current best model for economic empowerment of women from rural areas. Main conclusions:

  • to promote cooperatives and social enterprenuership
  • to improve legislative in this area
  • networking of organizations and women associations from rural areas to improve their social-economic status and visibility

As a side event of the fair was organized: gastro fest, competition for the best raspberry cake and preparation of raspberry juice. Gastro fest gather 20 women from Bratunac, Srebrenica (B&H) and Ljubovija (SER) and they prepared 80 traditional dishes like cornbread, differen pies (meet (burek), cheese (gibanica), chicken (steranica), pumpcin), traditional cooked meals and traditional sweets (baklava, hurmasice, halva etc.). In the competition for the best raspberry cake the first place won Suzana  Milanović, second Hazreta Jahić, and third Behara Osmanović. 300 l of fresh rasberry juice was served for all participants and visitors.
The event is supported by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the European Union funded project: “Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border area”.

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