The 6th Stakeholder meeting for the cross-border region “Krsh”

The 6th Stakeholder meeting for the cross-border region “Krsh”. The meeting was held on 2nd (second) of March, 2018 in Multimedia hall of the IPC Tehnopolis in Niksic, Montenegro. The meeting was opened by Regional Manager of the CBR “Krsh” Mr. Aleksandar Damjanovic, representative of the municipality of Niksic, vice-president of municipality Ms. Sonja Nikcevic, and director of the IPC Tehnopolis Mr. Ratko Batakovic. Some of the discussed topics are:

  • supported manifestations by SWG,
  • examples of supported P2P manifestations,
  • support on preparation of CBR projects in the region,
  • organization of the trainings in cross-border region “Krsh”,
  • Operational protocol.

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