Gatherings of Raspberry producers “Raspberry-there’s more to it”, 24-26 February, 2017 in Uzice, Serbia

The aim of this regional event – Gatherings of raspberry producers “Raspberry – There’s more to it”, which will take place in the period 24-26 February, 2017 in Uzice, Serbia, is to provide preconditions for income generating in the raspberry production from already existing capacities, regarding time and labour resources. Considering all the facts related to raspberry production in the cross-border region “Drina-Tara”, the need of a constant improvement and new upcoming trends is indeed realistic. Every new season is a new challenge for the producers and any support they can get is valuable, especially for the family businesses.

The specific objective of this regional event is the exchange of experiences between raspberry producers within the cross-border region “Drina – Tara” and support for improvement of the production in this region. Producers will get theoretical and practical advices which could be applied in the forthcoming season. Each producer would be able to see the effects in the current year. This regional event will contribute to increased networking of the raspberry producers, cross-border cooperation and improvement of knowledge in this sector of agriculture.

This activity is part of the European Union funded project: “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration” implemented by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe.

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