XV International Trade Fair “Brcko 2016”, 24-26 November 2016 in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe, within the SWG European Union funded project: “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration”, will support the participation of the stakeholder group members from the cross-border regions of “Drina-Sava” and “Drina-Tara” at the XV International Trade Fair “Brcko 2016”.

The great potentials and the diversity of the cross-border regions “Drina-Sava” and “Drina-Tara” will be promoted during the XV International Trade Fair in Brčko from 24-26 November, 2016.

“Drina-Sava” and “Drina-Tara” cross-border regions, with their organizations/ municipalities and companies, will promote the regions, products, services and tradition. The idea is to provide possibilities for the stakeholders from the target cross-border areas to present themselves, their products, services, resources, tradition and to present the organization / municipality / companies in our regions.




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