XII Days of honey and medicinal herbs “Living with the nature Gorazde 2018”, 5-6 October, 2018, Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Friday, October 05, 2018
  • Goražde


Bosnia and Herzegovina has the ideal conditions for breeding, collecting honey and collecting of aromatic and medicinal plants. Development and improvement of beekeeping, and development possibilities are realistic because:

-The tradition of breeding and collection of honey, collection of aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as organized beekeeping in these areas is constant during few last decades

-Natural conditions are more than favorable

-Skilled and experienced staff for organized breeding, collection of honey, aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as dealing with development, restoration and highly productive beekeeping.

But still beekeeping as a sector of agriculture has not been fully developed since that potentials, diversity, quality, quantity, honey plants are not used not even up to 2% of the real opportunities provided.

Since its establishment regional manifestation: Days of honey and medicinal herbs “Living with the nature Gorazde” has its sales and educative character in its program activities based on presentation of beekeeping products and herbs. These products  are offered at symbolic fair trade prices where the economic effect for both buyers and exhibitors is more than positive. This event is characterized by promotion of the local community as well as promotion of the cross-border region and therefore the event also has a regional economic significance.

The event is supported by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the European Union funded project: “Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border area”.


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