“9th International Lim Biathlon Priboj-Rudo-Setihovo”, 18– 21 August, 2016 in Priboj, Serbia and Rudo-Setihovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lim River has become one the most attractive rivers for rafting. The road that connects the two neighboring Municipalities – Priboj and Rudo crosses the state border between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in several places and brings people together in the border area. The International Lim Biathlon Priboj-Rudo-Setihovo was established in August 2008. The event consists of Lim regatta and recreational cycling caravan, in the length of 33 km, which starts from Priboj, Serbia and finishes in Setihovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The regatta itself takes approximately 5 hours.

Due to the good organization and compliance with the Rafting Federation of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the humble beginnings, when 22 crews with 150 rafters and a dozen of cyclists participated in the first race, over the years the number of participants increased to 100 crews with 800-900 rafters and 50 cyclists. The participants in this manifestation come from Priboj and Rudo, but also from the neighboring cities of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the true lovers of this sport from all countries from the former Yugoslavia.

On Saturday 20th August, Lim regatta with recreational cycling caravan was organized. Lim Regatta started at 11:45 a.m. from the new part of Municipality of Priboj. Around 300 participants on 30 rafting boats from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy and Switzerland participated in the regatta. Safety measures were on a high level. For all participants lunch was served at the beach in Rudo. After the break, the participants continued to Setihovo, which was a much more demanding route. At the bicycle caravan participated 20 participants. The caravan started from the same place in Priboj and finished in Rudo. All the equipment for both events was purchased through previously implemented EU funded CBC project.

Part of the activities was the three-day rock festival “Lim Fest”, organized at the city square in Priboj, where participants could enjoy in the sound of the famous trumpet player Dejan Pertovic and Big band.

The event was supported by SWG RRD, within the European Union funded project “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration”.



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