“Bicycle on the Forgotten Trails of the Old train Cira” 3rd June, 2018, Niksic, Montenegro

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the project: “Rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast Europe: Rural perspectives: qualification, reintegration and (self) employment” supported the organization of the Event “Bicycle on the Forgotten Trails of the Old train Cira”, which was organized by Bicycle Club “Perun”, and which was held on June 3rd 2018 in Niksic, Montenegro.
The bike event started on the Freedom Square, where around 100 bicyclists gathered and started the tour to the lake Krupac, with police escort and ambulance car. A great number of children also participated and cycled around 6km to the lake.
At the lake Krupac beach withdrawal of lucky winners was organized, who received awards.
From there started off-road tour, in which participated more experienced and fittest bicyclists. They cycled through villages Stuba and Kuside, the old tracks which were used in the past for the train Cira. The aim of this Event was to network bike guides with The aim of this Event was to network bike guides with  touristic agencies and owners of rural households’ accommodation facilities from Niksic-Bilece and Trebinje region for promotion of the karst area, promote the forgotten paths and work on the preservation of old buildings. The specific objective of this Event was to revive villages Stuba and Kuside and help the development of the rural areas through introduction of a new tourist product within the tourist offer of the region. This Event was expected to contribute to increase income and better financial and social status for rural tourism providers in the cross-border region Krsh, as well as to increase employment possibilities, which will keep young people remain in the rural areas.

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