Vinkovo in Ilok, 20-22 January, 2017 in Ilok, Croatia

Town of Ilok, Tourism organization of Ilok and the Wine Cluster Srijem organized the traditional regional manifestation “Vinkovo in Ilok” in the the period 20-22 January, 2017.

The first pruning of the rite wine grapes during the manifestation “Vinkovo in Ilok” was performed by Ms. Gabrijela Žalac, Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds of Republic of Croatia. Before that, a working meeting with the Ministry and the Town of Ilok was organized where the discussion was focused on Ilok and the wine producers as a great potential of the city.

“Pokladno jahanje” – the traditional horseback riding, gathered a huge number of tradition and horse lovers, who presented the customs of the region. On the “Pokladni saja” – a fair, visitors had the opportunity to taste traditional high quality wine and local food products from the cross-border region of “Drina-Sava”. “Vinkovo” every year attracts more and more visitors, and therefore in recent years it has expanded to few days and improved the joint extended weekend celebration Wine Cluster Srem. The daily program of celebration took place outdoors in the vineyards and cellars of most of Ilok growers and winemakers, while the evening program continued in the area of the Old Town in Ilok, under the tent, with a selection of wines, gourmet products, souvenirs and traditional and entertainment events.





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