XVII Meeting of the Stakeholders’ Group for the cross – border region of “Drina-Tara”, 6 March 2018, Etno village “Vrhpolje” , Ljubovija, Serbia

The Standing Working Group for Regional Rural Development (SWG) in SEE within the EU funded project: ”Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border areas” organized XVII Stakeholders’ Group Meeting for the cross – border region of “Drina-Tara” on 6 March 2018 in the Etno village “Vrhpolje”, Ljubovija, Serbia.

The Seventeenth Stakeholder Group Meeting for the cross-border region “Drina-Tara” was attended by 53 participants, interested stakeholders from “Drina-Tara” region and SWG project team. The main objectives of the Seventeen Stakeholders Group Meeting was the presentation and discussion of the new ABD phase of the EU project “Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border areas”, informative session on the outcomes of the People to People Call for “Drina Tara” cross-border region; Implemented and planned activities within the project “Rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast Europe: Rural perspectives: qualification, reintegration and (self) employment”; and presentation of the LEADER Study tour in Tirol.

SWG is working on different levels with the main goal of networking and regional cooperation, stated Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Regional Manager. Cross border region “Drina-Tara” is the first region established and defined as a priority one, and as far as activities are implemented, it achieved more results than in the other regions.

Municipalities from the “Drina-Tara” region are distant from the centres of their respective countries. With significant natural resources we have a common responsibility for using them. It is necessary to support the SWG mission for the purpose of regional cooperation and networking, said Milisav Vicentic.

Nikola Knezevic, the owner of the Etno village “Vrhpolje” stated that his household is achieving around 3000 overnights per year, where the season lasts from April to September when they are fully booked. Tourism is an opportunity that needs to be developed in every part of the region. For tourism ones need to be prepared and devoted. We have devoted ourselves to make Azbukovica authentic as it was in 19th century, in our Etno village every wooden board is over 100 years old. SWG as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience, brings people together, gives hope and provides additional sources of financing emphasized Knezevic.

  1. The results of the Open Call for “people to people” events in the cross – border region “Drina-Tara” are as follows:
  • -Application forms from the number 1-9 with 75 and more points will be financially supported;
  • -Application forms from the number 10-24 with 50 and more points are on the reserve list (if additional sources of financing are provided)
  • -Application forms from the number 25-35, below 50 points are considered unacceptable for support;
  1. To send suggestions for capacity building activities that could be supported.


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